Here are a few commonly used terms that your loved one might be referencing. We break them down for you so that you can better understand and support her Alpha Sigma Tau journey.


Member/members of Alpha Sigma Tau who are no longer in college.


A gold piece of jewelry with four points and "AΣT" etched over a black enamel. Badges are worn by initiated members of Alpha Sigma Tau and may have special attachments, like a guard (piece of jewelry attached to the Badge with a chain that signifies the member's chapter of Initiation) or dangles (small pendants that attach to the chain and signify the member's Alpha Sigma Tau experience). 


A formal invitation to join a sorority.

Big Sister

An initiated member assigned to a new member to be her guide and counselor in all matters pertaining to the sorority.


The local group of a national sorority.

College Panhellenic Association (or College Panhellenic)

The governing body for women's sororities on-campus.

Collegian/Collegiate member

A member who is currently in college where she joined Alpha Sigma Tau.


Fees for a sorority membership.


Persecuting or harassing with humiliating tasks, words, or actions.


The Ritual ceremony in which a new member becomes a full member of Alpha Sigma Tau.


A potential member who has a relative that is a member of a sorority.

Membership Status

One's standing with the sorority.

National Panhellenic Conference (NPC)

The governing body for 26 national/international women's fraternal organizations. Alpha Sigma Tau is a member of the NPC.

New Member

The title given to a potential member from the time she accepts a bid until the time she is actually initiated.

New Member Experience

A period of time spent learning about sorority life prior to initiation.


Community service and fundraising efforts to enrich the lives of others. Alpha Sigma Tau's philanthropy is the Women's Wellness Initiative.


The traditional, sacred ceremonies of Alpha Sigma Tau which are secret and shared by all members, no matter which chapter they joined.


A term used within a women's fraternity when referring to other initiated members.


A group of women banded together for social and educational purposes.