New Member Experience

Being in a Sorority is an exciting, new experience. Alpha Sigma Tau is committed to helping new members get the most out of their memberships through our new member experience.

During this six-week period, new members learn about what it means to be an Alpha Sigma Tau including an in-depth education about our history, values, Creed, Ritual, and other traditions. They also complete GreekLifeEdu, an online program that helps them make make healthy decisions and prepares them for challenges they may face in college related to sexual assault, alcohol, and hazing.

Big/Little Sister mentorship pairings are another core component of the new member experience. Each new member receives a Big Sister to support her through her first semester in Alpha Sigma Tau. Big Sisters are mentors and cheerleaders, provide ongoing support and guidance, and create a fun and positive environment.

These first six weeks are meant to be a time for learning about Alpha Sigma Tau, planting the roots for lasting friendships, and getting acclimated to balancing Alpha Sigma Tau with other time commitments. But most of all, it's a fun, safe, and enriching experience that kicks off each new member's lifelong membership within the Sisterhood.